[Game Info] Little Empire

Little Empire Google Play Exclusive Christmas Event Have Started

– 300% Purchase Rebate for Xmas!
During this event, for the 288 mojo pack only, you will earn 20 mojo eachday you login for the next 30 days after purchase! This means that in addition to your purchased 288 mojo, you can rack up to 600 more! Each player is limited to buy once.

– Unparalleled Christmas Tree Exchange
The falling snow and the cold wind bring the Christmas to your kingdom. Piece your Christmas tree with the Christmas life leaves, falling from the conquest and the seal battles. Collect certain amount of life leaves and exchange the unparalleled Christmas tree in your kingdom.

– Rune Frags For Free
Warriors who log in the game everyday will receive two frags of the new props – Rune. The brand new mystical props and the Rune system will be indispensible for your hero for it can not only strengthen your hero but also make your units more powerful.

– Christmas Great Value Spells and Accessories
The senior spells are on sale during the Christmas sales promotion Carnival. You can buy the middle and senior spell/accessories giftpacks 10% off the original prices, also get the huge amount of magic spars and iron ingots.

– Santa’s Tobacco Pipe
Each 500 mojos consumption will give you one Santa’s tobacco pipe. Holding the pipe will unlock the Christmas Roulette. You will receive nfs Egyptian suit frags, magic spars, rep, iron ingots and resources.

– Moe-Moe Snowman Limited Time Redemption
The snow is gleaming during the Christmas season. Look, here comes the Moe-moe snowman, adorable? The players can buy it in the store. It can increase your population and castle hp credits. I will definitely not miss that opportunity.

Game Introduction
In Little Empire you will form your kingdom guard, conduct the archangel, mage, wolf rider and other unique units to protect your territories and fight together with the players worldwide in the game, it’s an epic 3D strategic RPG.

Developed and distributed by the top developer, Camel Games, Little Empire hit the top charts as long as it came to the market of mainland China, America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and HK & Macao & Taiwan. Now the brand 3D version has been launched in the market. You will experience the splendid battlefield with full 3D resolution gorgeous game screen.

You can develop your kingdom and alliance; assist to attack your enemies’ territories;
You can strengthen your domain and your castle; use tactics to overcome the strong;
You can practice with your friends and declare wars against your foes; challenge the angry dragon in the adventure alone;
Are you ready to meet more challenges on the way of conquering the whole world?

Game Features
– First mobile game that using the most advanced skeletal animation techniques;
– More funs and surprises brought from the tactful formations;
– 3 different heroes to choose from, with different magic and spells. Also you can arrange two heroes on the battlefield together, one assisting another;
– 12 units reinforce and neutralize each other and with higher rank of your king, the units can be transformed to senior ones with peculiar spells;
– Hundreds of buildings can be dotted with and reinforce your own kingdoms;
– Legendary of the dragon slayer who defeat Medusa Dragon Dock and other bosses.










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