[Game Info] Priest VS Evil – zombie game

A new zombie game from VascoGames, if you love zombie games then download this free zombie shooter. Your city is overrun by zombies and they now rule the streets of this zombie city. Defend yourself against loads of zombies in this action adventure game!

Can you survive wave after wave of zombies that try to get our hero. this cool and free zombie shooter game will put you at the tip of your seat! After a great zombie virus outbreak the city of our priest has turned into a zombie village and the living dead are everywhere. But our priest knows killing zombies is no sin, and he knows it’s up to him to send these zombies straight back to the hell they crawled out of. This evil needs to be stopped and our hero is up for the task. So for the sake of humanity help the priest defeat the evil zombies that are walking on the streets of your village.

Priest VS Evil is a great zombie killer game full of the evil dead that need to get kick back into the grave! If you kill zombies with the weapons you find you earn credit to upgrade your weapons arsenal. After surviving waves of zombies that try to overrun our hero zombie killer, you’re weapons arsenal will grow and you will be able to kill even more zombies. And that is the mission of our zombie killer, to try to kill as much zombies as possible. Bash ,slash, and shot your way through the infected villagers. Shooting zombies never felled this great, become the greatest zombie killer out there. This priest has given himself the holy task to shoot the zombies, to help him with this task he gets help from up there, after shooting or slashing a number of zombies the priest receives special holly strength.

Priest VS Evil game features:
• Side-scrolling zombie killer action
• Loads of guns and weapons to start eradicate the zombies out your town
• Collect all the different achievements
• Action trough the game
• Simple gameplay clear the zombieville out!
• Start defending yourself against zombies

As the lone survivor of this great zombie apocalypse, you know there’s only one thing left to do in this zombieville at that is shooting as much zombies as you can. Good luck zombie hunter with killing and shooting your way through these undead.

We hope you will enjoy this zombie shooter game. Please give use some support by rating our game or by liking our Facebook page or follow us on twitter!.

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Apocalypse is here, zombie are in your town start shooting and killing the evil dead







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