[Review] Candy Crush Saga

Admit it. Just admit it. There’s a time wherein you were searching for a game in Facebook when they announced that they will now support games. Started from Facebook, King.com released the game, Candy Crush Saga. Since 2003, King has never failed to develop and produce games that makes the players put glue to their hands and grab their devices and never let them go.

A few of their games are Pet Rescue, a cute game for all pet lovers out there. Farm Heroes Saga, a simulation wherein you are inside a farmer’s life with the help of many animals. Bubble Witch Saga and Candy Crush Saga, the phenomenal game that has been nominated for many awards and recognitions ever since it was released globally.

Sugar rush here I come.

From humble beginnings in Facebook, the sweetest game of the year comes to iOS and Android systems to spread the delicious treats of this game. We can’t have enough of this game. Us players needed to take this game on the go. Thank you King!

 I’m sure you guys are familiar with tile-matching games like Candy Crush here. Instead of bricks and stones, we pop candies! Align three similar colored candies and pop we go. Earn points and combos. Let all the candies loose. Time to line ‘em up and on to the next stage. Just make sure that you’re not diabetic. The game is all about CANDIES. Kids of all ages will get hooked in this game in a snap. For adults, you guys are not an exception. This will bring you back to your kiddo days. Fun, very challenging and exciting to play.


Didn’t your mom told you that playing with your food is bad? Here in Candy Crush Saga, this is the main event. Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play tile-matching style game that was first introduced on Facebook. The rule of the game is simple. Align 3 same all colored candies, you make a combo. Align 4 more. 5 more. 6. Ladies and gents, you now have a candy explosion right in your devices.

This is a very addictive game made by King. Candy Crush Saga is a very easy game to play. Even toddlers are becoming masters of the game, stimulating their young minds with many multiple intelligences. Even non-gamers never escaped this candy plague. Players of all ages have discovered this game and instantly had an idea that this is a good game to kill time. I have some friends who even play this game in the wee hours of the morning before they go to work. Candy addicts indeed.


I have to admit that I was also addicted to this game, Candy Crush Saga when it was first released on Facebook. I was pestering my friends to send me tickets for my next stage constantly. (Sorry girls). At first, the stages were very easy to follow and finish. As you progress with the game, the stages become difficult.

Days have passed and I can’t finish a certain stage that I have to purchase Boosters and Lollipop Hammers from the online store. These babies are very handy when you are stucked like Ron here in a certain stage. Candy Crush Saga never really pressured their players to pay for Boosters to help them in their stages. It is solely up to them if they can finish them without the help of purchasing items with real currency. I have friends that are level 150+ and never paid a single penny to the game. (Talk about cheapskate).

Dentists are becoming rich because of this game.

My sweet tooth is aching. Candy Crush Saga really is rich in graphics and gameplay. It literally is an eye candy especially to our kids. The background music and effects are very entertaining. It entices you to play more with its unique background music. Feels like you’re in a carnival and playing carnival games.

The controls are very simple. Even kids are better than me these days. You just have to swipe the candies and match them with the same color. Use special candies like Booster and Lollipop to help enhance your gameplay and finish the stingiest stages of the game. As for storage, it only occupies 44MB of your total storage in your device.

I just can’t stop playing this game.

A perfect game to kill time. Suited for all ages. Feeling frustrated in your studies or work? Here, pop some candy. Just make sure to balance your time because can really get your hours in a day. True story.

 Developer Website: https://king.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CandyCrushSaga

Tumblr: http://lifeatking.tumblr.com/

Platform: PC, Android and iOS

Genre: Adventure, Online, Tile-matching


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