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Another new day in search for a new simulation game. As I was browsing Google Play, as usual, I found an interesting company, the Backflip Studios. Backflip Studios develops and publishes absurdly fun mobile games for iOS and Android devices. They have developed a lot of top tier games like Paper Toss, NinJump, Army of Darkness and of course DragonVale, the focus of this article. These games have been downloaded over 300 million times and are played by more than 30 million active users per month. Backflip Studios is based in Boulder, Colorado USA.

The adventure begins!

DragonVale is one of the best games in Android and iOS nominated as one of the top ten games of 2013. So you want to know why this game made the top ten? Read along fellow gamers.

This game really captivated the hearts and minds of almost all gamers out there. Who doesn’t love the idea of having your own park of dragons, taming and let them grow like they’re household pets in your backyard? In this game, you have the liberty to change anything and everything in your land.


Who doesn’t like dragons? The huge mythical creatures from a long time ago. Passing their story from generations to generations. Some believe that they exist, others don’t. DragonVale will make your fantasy come to reality in your reach with just one tap at a time.

My land, my rules. MORE DRAGONS.

DragonVale is a free to play Adventure, Construction and Management simulation, Online game. In this game, you will be making your own park filled with dragons, habitats and other buildings. The goal here is to improve your park by collecting dragons with all types and providing their needed habitat. You will be needing to raise money to get all the necessary upgrades for your dragon and buildings. More visitors in your park, the higher the money you can get. The higher the money, more dragons will be in your stable. More dragons, more fun obviously. All the dragons you have been dreaming for ever since you were a kid can now be in your own backyard. How cool is that?

One of my top simulation games.

What can I say. The sounds and music of the game is excellent. Matches with the game itself. It helps you to imagine that you really are in the wilds making your own farm of dragons. Gameplay is exceptional. I have been playing a lot of construction and simulation games before in old consoles but this one really is unique in terms of game and story progress. Graphics? Eat your heart out. DragonVale is an absolute eye candy. Dragons from their eggs, to hatchlings, to little baby dragons then next thing you know they will be flying high. Isn’t it cool to raise your own pet and eventually follow them as they grow? There are also a lot of players playing this game online. You have the whole world of fellow gamers to help you.

Money talks.

This is a free-to-play game. Enough said. If you want to purchase in-game items with magical gems, it will really help you enjoy the game even more. Exclusive habitats and dragons, contents and islands. If you really want to explore everything the game has to offer, I strongly suggest that you make the necessary purchases.

To sum it all up, this DragonVale has almost all the elements of a game a gamer is looking for. For all ages. Everybody can play. We pretty much have provided the basic information for this game. It is now time for you to find out if this game really is as good as we have said. This game promises to not disappoint. Just be careful when playing this game. It will suck your hours with pure fun and excitement. Don’t forget to feed your own pets at home.

Developer Website: http://www.backflipstudios.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dragonvale

Platform: Android and iOS

Genre: Adventure, Construction and Management simulation, Online


It all started in just one egg…


The wise man just gave me a huge land, for FREE.


Oh look my first Fire Dragon. Charizard in the making.


The Breeding Cave. New dragons in progress here. Don’t ask how they do it.


Legendary Dragons are back. Time to get them. NOW.


Don’t worry. You can still enjoy the game even without making purchases.


The generous wizard giving free LAND.


Treasure, Dragons, Habitats and many more options to choose from.


I would like to display the egg but.. hatching the egg is way cooler.


Level up! That was easy


Easy peasy. Gems make our lives easier.


Oh look the fountain of youth. I wonder if old kings came here before.


The developer company giving free gifts! How thoughful of them.


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