[Game Info] The Magic Castle

*** HALF PRICE LAUNCH SALE – Limited time only! ***

A magical new adventure awaits…
Journey to a forgotten land full of intrigue and mystery – and help the spirit of a once great sorcerer return magic to the kingdom!
A classic point and click mystery adventure suitable for all the family.


Far far away, deep in the ocean, lies a forgotten and lifeless land. But it wasn’t always this way…
Many years before a great sorcerer lived in the castle, he filled the land with magic…
But when the sorcerer died, the magic died too.

But legend says the spirit of the sorcerer lives on…
Legend says he awaits a traveller who will return magic to the land…
Legend says the traveller has arrived.


* Classic point and click adventure gameplay.
* Stunning graphics that bring a world of mystery to life.
* Many items to collect, secrets to uncover, mystery to unravel and puzzles to solve!
* Original storyline – featuring dragons, fairies and wizards!
* Full soundtrack and sound effects.
* Game auto-saves as you progress.
* Translated into English, French, Spanish and German.
* No Hidden Object Games – true point and click mystery adventure gameplay from start to finish!

DO YOU NEED HELP? – If so watch the walkthrough video here:

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