Battleloot Adventure

Another adventure game comes in our way with Battleloot Adventure! Adventure turn-based game developed by Digital Games. Making their way to the globally competitive business of mobile gaming, Battleloot Adventure has proven that the company and their games can go in par with other high rated games in google play and appstore.

Developer Website:


Platform: Android and iOS

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Turn-Based

Battle Loot Adventure_1

Embark on another adventure with Battleloot Adventure!

Let the epic quest begin!

One of the best turn-based games available on iOS and Android. A solid adventure game wherein you recruit a lot of characters from the main quests to fight abominable creatures from the other world. The game is packed with a lot of quests and accomplishments to finish for the glory and fame of the kingdom. Cartoon-ish style of graphics and game play, very appealing for all ages. The main story has a lot of spoofs and comic relief especially with the story being played in the game’s video.


Only a sheep eh? Wait until it evolves…

Unique controls and system

The combat system is very interactive and you need to glue in your eyes in every battle. You think the battle is almost over? Here’s another Mammoth and Mutated Sheep. This isn’t like your old turn-based game. You need to pay full attention with the battle and accumulate a lot of battle stars for your to spend after a match. The controls are very easy to understand. Just tap everything away. If you want a more efficient and stronger battle, try using all 3 characters in one attack for a full burst.


Rear, flank, front. The typical balanced team for battle.

Be creative

There are a lot of classes in this game. It is now up to you on how you can mix their individual strengths and weaknesses. Try to experiment with all the classes and their unique skills. Don’t forget to gear up your team with the best armors and weapons available in the store. Some quests are very difficult to finish if your team is under geared and leveled.


Combos! Multiple Hits!


The graphics and animations of the game are clean and impressive. The characters act and move according to what you want them to do. As the game says, “Troll Free controls”. Visually appealing along with the BGM and effects of the game. It brings the player into the game itself. The game also doesn’t occupy much space in your device with only 75mb but you need to clear some space for the game to work properly. (applies to almost all games)


Battleloot Adventure rewards you for your tenacity in the field.

Complete package

Swords, magic, knives, staves, big heads, big rewards, epic dungeons, fierce huge monsters. What more can you ask for? Time to lead your own team to battle, glory and fame. Of course also for gold. Batteloot Adventures is just so clean and engaging for a mobile game. It lets the players do all the things needed to succeed. The game stimulates the minds of the players to improve themselves in battle. Plan ahead before the epic encounter. Be ready to take action anytime in the battle with the Assist and Block commands. Master all the different skills of each characters in the game to explore the game more efficiently.

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