Inotia 4

Inotia 4. Hands down. Never have I loved a game this much in a phone or tablet. A complete RPG game right in your pocket. Characters, check. Game play, check. Graphics, check. Story, check. Never have I imagined a game so complete yet so little burden in your phone/tablet’s total storage capacity. Produced by one of the top developer and publisher of mobile games internationally since 1998, Com2uS. Their publishing capabilities have also been highly recognized by the game industry and financial institutions, winning awards and gaining reputation at home and abroad.



Platform: Android and iOS

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Inotia 4_1

Continue the legend of INOTIA.


A long adventure awaits. Let’s go!


I really can’t stress much about it. Inotia 4 captured all the elements of a RPG and mashed it all up in one mobile game. It has a complete main story that you can follow. The game will allow you to customize your own character’s statistics and a whole team, just like in your regular RPG and online games. You can choose from a wide selection of classes for your main character. As you progress with the quests, you will acquire new mercenaries that you can add with your team. A lot of combinations in your team The dungeons and open field are filled with monsters that can be slayed with your own party.


A staple class in any RPG, the sturdy Black Knight. Good for tanking mobs with devastating skills. My personal favorite.

Dark Knight, Priest, Warlock

This my friends is my party setup. A combination of physical (Dark Knight and Priest) and magic damage (Warlock). It really depends on how you play an RPG or online game. Other people likes to stalk with daggers on their hands or snipe from afar with a bow. I like to bash mobs with my shield and attack head on. Simple, yes? Try different classes and combine them to make your own unique team setup.


Darius, one of the leaders of Dark Tribe. Awesome broad sword.

Device friendly

It took me 2 months to finish this game. I played for 1-2 hours a day, completed all quests and explored all places of the game. You might be thinking that this is a pretty huge game to fit in your mobile devices. Boy was I wrong at first. It didn’t even reached 75mb. Plus the game is not demanding in terms of mobile capacity in terms of graphics. Very detailed and crisp music and effects.


After completing the game with the Dark Knight as main class, time to make a magic wielder, Warlock.


Warlock with Archer mercenary. Not a hair can reach them.

Legen…. wait for it.. DARY!

This game is simply one of the best games that I have played so far. I really recommend this to all mobile gamers if you are seeking for a good ol’ RPG. It has all the elements needed in a great RPG suited for mobile users. Controls can be sometimes tricky but you will get used to it as you progress with the game. Explore all the dungeons and open world setting of the game and collect all the legendary and epic items the game has to offer. Master all the skills of your characters with Kiyan, the protagonist of the whole story. Fight for the ones you cared the most. Fight for what you truly believe in. Train harder and choose your own destiny.

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