League of Heroes

Adventure, fame and wealth. Is this what you really desire? Then welcome to League of Heroes. You begin as quest as an amateur explorer but full of potential. You will see a lot of quests and stages available for you. Another masterpiece made by Game Lion Studios. Many players and game critics have a lot to say about this game, comparing it to other role playing games available in iOS and Android.

Developer Website: http://www.game-lion.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gamelion

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gamelion

Platform: Android and iOS

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG


For fame, money and glory!


Obviously this game is one of the most appealing and enticing when it comes to graphics and animation. The 2-D graphics are spectacular and very suited for mobile gaming. The animations and story of the game has a twist of comedy and action. The dialogue of the characters suits the game itself. Your main goal in this game is to protect the citizens of Frognest. What a unique name for a town. Defend them from all the creatures that are coming from the forest. Gather a lot of silvers and experience points to make your character stronger.


Monster to slay, treasure to collect.

Evolve along your adventure

Explore the different possibilities of the game with your character. Unlock the different stages of the game and be rewarded with epic gears and rare magic. With countless sets of armors and weapons at your disposal, it is up to you on how you will be matching them based on your playing style. Axe, swords, knives, staves, maces etc. You name it, they got it.


“I used to be an adventurer just like you. But I took an axe to my head.”


Train and defend

Train yourself and acquire skills with this guy right here. Yes, the guy with an axe to his head. Collect all sets of skills and mash them all up to your game style. Strategize your plan of attack before you face yourself against hordes of vicious creatures. Complete over 60 quests of the game and brag about it on social media sites linked in with the game.


The bigger they are, the harder they fall.



Overall prowess, one step at a time.

Maces, swords, action!

Plenty of weapons to choose from. All for the sake of slicing each and everyone in the forest of the savages. Did we forget to mention that the game adapts to the weather we are having? It really is true. You need an internet connection for this feat. Giving the game a little bit of reality at their arsenal. Try the game for yourself and share your achievements from the game online.

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