The Black Swordsman embarks an adventure to explore the secrets of the Wilderness. Ladies and gents we present to you, Reaper. Developed and published by Hexage. They develop and publish games for Android, iPhone & iPad, Mac OS X, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. Also and award winner in Pocket Gamer Awards 2011: Best Developer – Mobile. Another game that will glue your hands and eyes in your mobile devices. Count on it.

Developer Website:




Platform: Android and iOS

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Hack and Slash


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength


Reaper is an adventure, RPG side scrolling hack and slash game. A game packed with pure action and adventure. You play as a Dark Swordsman in the Wilderness, trekking the lush forest full of monsters and enemies that will ambush you anytime. You hone your skills in battle as you progress with the story. The story of the game is well versed with the game. You need to familiarize yourself with the controls for it can be tricky if not familiar with playing action games in your mobile devices. Learn every inch of the controls and familiarize yourself with the combos by the black swordsman.


Slice dice and spin in the air.

Way of the sword

It’s just you against hundreds of enemies in the game. A very classic game wherein you slice anything that comes into your way with your huge sword and multiple sets of skills and techniques. As you level up, your character becomes stronger and it is up to you on what aspect do you want your swordsman to excel. Critical damage? Attack speed? Raw damage? All up to you lad. Just make sure that your gears are tough enough to withstand the harsh environment of the game.


Skills of mass destruction. Choose wisely.


Spoils of battle to the victor.

Nailed it.

Hexage really came up with a masterpiece. A game that you can consider for keeps. The graphics and controls are top notch. It will really set your benchmark when it comes to choosing your next game. Good luck with that mate. It would be really hard to look for another game like Reaper. This game truly is for mobile gaming. It suits every aspect of a mobile game, a complete RPG experience.


Slicing my way in to victory.

High praises

Along with the award winning company, Hexage, Reaper has captured all praises coming from gaming gurus and professional in the industry with their remarkable comments and opinions about the game. Reaper is that good, period. See for yourself and tell us about your experience about the game. Be sure to check the available contents to progress in the game.

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