Fast & Furious 6: The Game

So you’re a fan of Fast & Furious 6. This is a must play game! Feast your eyes with the cars from the movie itself right in your mobile devices. Want to be like your idols, Dominic and Brian? Or be The Rock Luke Hobbs? Try this game out and feel the rush of real street racing. Fasten your seat belts and start your engines, This will be a rough ride.

Developer Website:



Platform: Android and iOS

Genre: Action, Racing



Fast & Furious 6_1

Ready for the big race, kid?

Man up.

Pulse racing heart pounding sexy girls gliding. You ready son? Here comes one of the top racing games of all time in iOS and Android. Fast & Furious 6: The Game baby. Full throttle, gas pumping game by Kabam. One of the top games of 2013, Fast & Furious 6: The Game paved its way across the gamer’s list. The game is very simple. You need to always focus on the commands of the game, fast response and attentiveness is the key.


Are you kidding me? 2013 Dodge Dart GT? For keeps my man.

Stroke of a genius

From the wide selection of cars as seen on the movie itself, you now have the chance to own them and use them for street racing. Fill out your garage with the most exotic cars the game has to offer. Earn huge money and experience by racing. Bonus money if you hit the controls on a perfect timing. So look out for surprise commands and be ready to shift and drift.


These are the Class 1 cars available after completing the first tutorial. Not bad eh?

Shake and Bake

The controls of the game are smooth as a Ferrari 458 Spider. Eat your heart out with the graphics and control. The surrounding are perfectly made for street racing. Although the total size of the game might shock you a little on how big it is, still worth the download. The game will never disappoint the loyal fans of the famous franchise. Just make sure to clear up some space for the game for it may update with the new contents. Everybody loves new contents. Did I mention that the cars are cheap? They really are affordable. Play a couple of games and you can have a baby of your own. Truly one of the best car racing games I have ever played.


My gear stick’s already up in a high gear.


First win with my Ford Mustang.

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