Gravity Guy 2

Gravity Guy 2 will surprise you! It is a fun running game that you will enjoy! Help Gravity Guy escape and save his life by avoiding the hazards placed in his path to freedom! Gravity Guy 2 is a sequel to Gravity Guy, he’s still awesome and now he’s gonna run and jump above towers to save his life against the gravity troops! This awesome fun game is under the management of Miniclip, you can check out their other cool games here or and like them on facebook! 

Gravity Guy 2's opening screen!

Gravity Guy 2’s opening screen!

Sleeping Gravity Guy is ready to run for his freedom!


Gravity Guy 2’s Game Menu

Easy Controls

You don’t need to swipe and tilt your gadget to make him survive! You just need to make sure that he will reach each of the platform! Players only control Gravity Guy’s Jet pack for jumping and the platforms along his way! Make him survive by going into the right path! With the onscreen tap buttons, you can easily guide your character to avoid sudden fall and contact with enemy obstacles.


Hold the onscreen button to make the floor lift


You must let go of the onscreen button to make him jump before reaching the edge


If the distance is great, you must boost while in mid-air to avoid falling!


Gravity Guy using booster to reach the next platform!


You are now Ready for some action!

It’s Heavy!

Gravity Guy 2 is loaded! Go Visit the store to see how jam-packed Gravity Guy 2 is! Coin Packs are also available if you want to help them in a hurry! You can unlock different characters to run and you can enjoy helping Gravity Guy with his power-ups!

In game store

In game store

Purchase coins!

Purchase coins!

Buy the Character of your choice!

Buy the Character of your choice!

Help them with power-ups!

Help them with power-ups!


You must install this game to your device! It is fun, awesome and challenging all at the same time! Gravity Guy 2 is definitely one of the best games out there. Help them all survive and don’t make Gravity Guy’s clones suffer! Have Fun!



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