Monster Blade

When you were a kid, for sure you dreamed of fighting dragons and other vicious monsters, right? Slaying them with your mighty axe or huge swords and shields. Yeah those were the days. Nope. You can still relieve those memories here in Monster Blade! An epic adventure game by Nubee. Fight your way into glory by engaging huge monsters along your journey.

Developer Website:



Platform: Android and iOS

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Online Gaming

Monster Blade_1

Epic dragon for an epic game.


As I play the tutorial, I know that I will not let go of this game for a long while. The rush of fighting huge monsters are what I have been expecting to this kind of game. Monster Blade can set a benchmark on what an Android or iOS game should be. A primary example of a very successful game. All the elements of an RPG are given. This is definitely a part of my top games of all time.


Imagine riding this in your adventure.


Even the loading screen will pump you up for action.


Only one way to go but go up.


Real Adventure

Don’t skip the tutorial lad and just enjoy. It will save your life I’m telling you. Practice your combat skills by hunting monsters in the field. The illustration of the story is superb. The controls are very fluid and sensitive to touch for more accurate results. If you die in hunts, be patient and calm down. Upgrade your gears and bash them all in the head. I like it when a game links itself online to associate with the social media. Finding new allies to help you in the hunt. Don’t forget to participate in events to and daily log in bonus.


Hah! First Blood.


Awesome bull made out of wood. Good thing I have an axe with fire element.


Slick enemy.


So what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Hungry for more

I still haven’t reached the higher levels of this game but I am rooting to finish it before the first quarter of the year starts. Exploring all possible combos and armors is a must to fully understand and enjoy the game. Gather all your buddies and play the game together for better battle flexibility. More strong allies, the easier the match would be. Of course you also need to upgrade your gears as well. Overall, the game is a complete package. Excellent game play, graphics, music, effects, story and player base. 


Greenhorn incoming.


Of course we want the Epic Treasure.


Little guy seems over excited to see the axe.


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