Lords & Knights

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Take control of a whole country and be the most powerful ruler in the world! Lords & Knights will definitely take you away into a setting that will make the best out of your strategy and leadership skills! Come and Play this game and build establishments that can help your nation overcome and invade other nations on your way to the top! Lords & Knights is under the management of XYRALITY GmbH, they also manage other game titles like Lord of Blood and Celtic Tribes, visit http://xyrality.com/ to be updated!

Opening Screen of the Game

Opening Screen of the Game

Command & Conquer

You must read the tutorials if you want to enjoy this game! The Tutorial is really helpful and will make you understand the mechanics of the game. Its a must to know how to handle your army before marching into war.

A sample scroll for a tutorial

A sample scroll for a tutorial

You must read the whole tutorial to navigate with the game easily!


It really requires you to focus on your resources and building your force with enough support. This game is closer to reality and it is nice to play and think in a very realistic manner. In order to attack, you must have atleast 1000 silver coins to capture a castle which will be used in the attack. Battle with castles near you by viewing the map and continue invading other castles along your journey!


Select a castle in the Map to attack


Manage your forces well


A sample recruit of your kingdom

Lords & Knights is a really fun realistic strategy game that can make the player more responsible in supporting his troops by investing on resources. If you want the real challenge in playing strategy games, Lords & knights is the game for you! Just don’t let other players look down on you!

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