Kingdom of Legend


Veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. A line by Julius Caesar during his campaign in Britain, signifying swift and conclusive victory against his enemies. Do you sometimes imagine dropping this line against your enemies?  Well my friends, you can claim your nimble victory against kingdoms across the world here in Kingdom of Legend.


Kingdom of Legend

Pure Action

King of Legend aka K.O.L is all about pure domination against players from all the countries of the world. Sheer strength alone of your army is not enough to win all the wars and competitions of the game. It requires precise tactics and rapid decision making in order for you to overwhelm your enemies. Even the greatest leaders of different nations can’t conquer all territories all by themselves. They need loyal subjects and comrades in order for them to attain their goals. K.O.L is a fast paced strategy game wherein a player is in charge of his/her entire kingdom. A player has the opportunity to control the overall performance of the kingdom. Whether it’s for armies, resources, territories, all of these are controlled by the players. The real joy, however, comes from the qualities of the enemies you will be facing.

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Clean and Crisp

In terms of graphics, it has been executed cleanly. It really is up to date and can be highly compared to other games. Visually pleasing. If you have an updated build of your phone or tablets, you will experience the smoothness in every action that you do in the game. The background music and sound effects of K.O.L matches the gameplay. It really entices you to play longer especially during wars. Crisp sound effects when attacking other players. Along with the cinematics and story, it really sets the tone and mood of the player. The illustrations of the story are also in line with the game’s genre. The gameplay’s pretty much simple. No baffling controls and mechanisms here. All you need to worry about is the strategies that you must execute to gain control over other kingdoms.

1669788_1387286318160561_359623038_oPvP at its finest

War against all countries

As a gamer myself, I enthusiastically recommend that you add this game to your to-play list especially if you’re a strategist junkie. You can expect to look back at it as one of the highlights of its time and genre. Engaging different countries in war can really boost your union’s credibility especially if you have defeated your rivals. Coming up with a game that promotes war between other countries is a clever tactic. It attracts players to team up with their fellow countrymen and formulate strategies to defeat other countries. I can smell bad blood here.

1782441_1388796494676210_1015620543_oAvailable for iOS and Android

1669831_1387286404827219_847047418_oSoldiers for war

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