Freeze! revolves around the story of a once happy-go-lucky hero who was suddenly kidnapped from his planet with no reason. Stripped from his brothers, sisters and the happy land he once knew, our hero is determined to escape from his captors and return home.


As with other heroes, ours has a truly awe-inspiring power of his own, he can turn worlds and freeze gravity! This is what he will use to return home.

The game has simple, yet eye-catching, graphics that makes you wanna try it out in the first place. This game gives me a heart attack every time I press that freeze button just in the nick of time, and with each level getting more challenging, it gets me hooked even more. There are 4 worlds to go through and each has 25 levels to get past, if that’s not enough, there are also 25 more bonus levels. Check it out and have fun!


Level 13Level 11

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