World of Goo

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World of Goo is a fun and addicting game that challenges the builder in you. Build towers or bridges to get those goo balls to that pipe.


Sounds easy, right? It’s all fun and games until it all falls apart, so make sure to balance it out and build them high and mighty. Your precious goo ball tower falling apart is the least of your worries, there will also be spikes and wells trying to destroy your dream of reaching that pipe. so be careful not to get to close to those!

Not too low

With the bad guys, there will also be good guys. There are a variety of goo ball types to help you out, like goo balls so light that it can float or goo balls that can easily be detached and reattached at your liking. These are part of the fun in World of Goo, get to the higher levels and see them all. If you’re the competitive type, like me, looking for a challenge, each level has an OCD or Obsessive Completion Distinction Criteria.

Stage Complete

A personal favorite, all the fun is not just in the game itself. There are hints to help you out in the game, signed by the Sign Painter. The signs you will see in the game are not just helpful, the Sign Painter also has a good sense of humor.


Check it out for yourself and get ready for hours of fun in the World of Goo.

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