Robbery Bob: Man of steal

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Imagine yourself in Jail – a stinky gloomy jail. Then Suddenly a mysterious creepy man came to your help and rescued you. As soon as you were out of prison, you need to pay your debt to that man. You owe him your freedom! Listen to him very carefully. He will be showing you around from suburbian communities to high guarded cities. You will be working your way to pay him by stealing valuables, robbing highly secured banks and making you greatest heists of your life.
Robbery Bob: Man of Steal is more than just your average rob-and-cop type of game. It is a stealth game wherein you will be doing missions, from grabbing-candy-from-a-baby type to a highly sophisticated larcenies. Sneak past through security guards, nannies and scary dogs while working your way up to steal classified documents, expensive jewelries and secret keys! Of course, you will also have to keep away from the police. Robbery Bob includes 50 stages in the game, all for free.

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Android and iOS users will surely enjoy these classic gameplay of espionage and will be entertained by its humorous storyline and witty conversations. The graphics and in-game ads may be an issue for some but the actual game will be the winner at the end of the day. Robbery Bob will surely be your favorite anti-hero genre mobile app once you play it.

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