This exciting new game from Kongregate will keep you on the edge of your seats. There’s only one rule for this game, DO NOT FALL OFF. Run takes place in space, so not having anywhere to land on will make you float off to unknown places.

Instructions are simple enough, swipe up on the right part of the screen to jump and swipe to the left or right on the left part of the screen.


Keep running and don’t slow down or you might lose the momentum in your jump and not make it to a ground to step on. As you go through each level, there is less and less place to land on so timing is important.

Level 21 Level

This game certainly had me holding my breath every time I take a big leap, but it’s a good thing I can also run move to run on the sides instead. To do this, just keep going to the right or left until you’re running on the side panels, but don’t move too far or you might fall off the sides.

As you farther through space, you will unlock different characters to use, each with their own unique way to get through the levels. Check the galaxy map too, there might be other places to explore.

Galaxy Map

Download it now and start running!

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