Don’t Tap the White Tile


Feel like you’re one of the great musical geniuses in our world today. Beethoven has nothing on you, and all you need is a single finger or two…okay, maybe I used four. There’s only one rule here, DON’T TAP THE WHITE TILE.


Pick from a variety of game types: Classic is where you cab test your speed. How fast can you tap the tiles to reach the goal? Pick how you would like to play in Arcade mode. Play normally or take it up a notch and go faster, or even reverse it. In Zen mode, see how many tiles you can tap before time runs out. How fast is too fast for you? Find out in Rush mode. Go as far as you can in Relay mode, reach the goal before time runs out to get additional time to go further. If all those game types are still not enough for you, then go to Arcade+ mode.

Main Songs

The fun doesn’t stop there, you can unlock more songs to play with in “Unlock me” or if you’ve grown tired of a particular song, simply go to “Songs” and unchecked it.

Record-Arcade Record-Classic

Lots of fun to be had so download it now and get ready for the hours of fun ahead.

Arcade+ - The DressArcade+ - Lightning1Arcade+ - Lightning2

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