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Take control of this unknown triangle thing with two tails! Is it a kite? Is it a squid? Apparently, no one knows! Just try it and decide for yourself.

This game involves one thing: Tapping. Tap left or tap right to avoid obstacles! Sound easy, right? Try it and see for yourself. If you found Flappy Bird highly entertaining, then I am sure you will love this game more.

This game is easily addictive and very frustrating in a good way. Once you start to play, you will find it hard to stop the game. And before you know it, you’re dead in the game and you’re doing it all over again.

Are you used to scoring high numbers in the games you played? Well, I challenge you to do that in this game. You’re lucky to score 30 here! Challenged? Play the game, then, and we’ll see how far your weird triangle-shaped creature can go!



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