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Looking for a game to play on your next family reunion or just a night in with your friends?
Play Charades! A traditional game brought to your pockets, enjoy a variety of categories with just a few simple clicks. Out with the trouble of thinking of your own categories, and in with the fun.

Do a Quick Play with your friends and just take turns to guess the words or divide into teams with Versus mode. In Versus, choose how many teams and rounds you want to have and each team has a minute or more to guess as many words as they can.

VersusCategories      Score-Movies

Whether you want to go with the traditional game of acting out the words to guess without speaking or singing the song to guess, each category has a different set of rules. We particularly had fun with the “Dance Moves” category, it was an excuse to bring out our dance skills…or maybe find out the reason we keep it hidden. Either way, it really made our dull afternoons into something to remember.
How many words do you think you can guess right? This game is sure to make your bonding moments more fun. Check it out now!

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