The Battle Cats


Welcome to a time of great civil unrest and struggle! Where everyday life is troublesome and disturbing. “Amongst all the global issues, civil wars, financial crisis, terrorism, a brand new threat appears…

The Battle Cats! We found it too hard to fight back… Because… These cats.. are too cute.” Yes, you read that right! Welcome to The Battle Cats!


The Battle cats, first of all, is not your average game. It is a tower defense and strategy type of game which most of us enjoy. But beware, do not get fooled by the cuteness of theses cats. You will be leading all kind of cats (cute, tall, adorable and weird) to destroy and defeat all sorts of enemies – Dogs, Hippos, Snakes and sorts. To do that, your cats must be strong.. Win every battle and save up money to level up your cats and upgrade your arsenal. Undoubtedly, this game can kill time!




Enjoy this free-to-download game at Google Play or iTunes App Store and be captured by the games awesomeness. This game may not have the best story to tell, but the gameplay is great. Literally everyone can enjoy its kick of humour and fantastic gameplay.


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