Stick Hero


Games where you only got one chance before your game is over is quite the trend nowadays. We got games in the past that have made some trends in the social media like Flappy Bird and Circle among others. Well, those games better watch out as this game with the same one-chance-gaming concept is here!


Stick Hero is a game where you will stretch out the black stick to reach the black platform in the right of your black hero. You think there’s too much black in this game? Nah, the different pastel-colored backgrounds give a very nice appearance to the game.

But that’s not what this is all about. Playing this game is like holding a bridge, either to the death of you or to the next platform. When you stretch your stick a little shorter or longer, you fall. And you have to repeat from the top all over again. Yes, that’s what makes the game highly frustrating, entertaining and addicting.


This Stick Hero game will surely make you want to concentrate on your stick. Remember, your hero’s life depends on it. Now, play Stick Hero and let’s see how far you can go!

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