Some games too complicated or too hard for you to understand? Some requires internet connection? Then you just came to the right place because Zigzag is anything but those.

Zigzag is simple yes frustratingly addictive! The main point of the game is that you have to reach the farthest point (without falling to the side pits) you can go with the black ball you are to control.


You can control the ball just by simply tapping the screen. It automatically goes to the direction (left or right) so you will have to have good timing in driving the ball!
Collect the purple diamonds which you can use to purchase from the store, which is the basket icon in the game.

Screenshot_2015-05-27-11-03-24[1] Screenshot_2015-05-27-11-03-45[1] Screenshot_2015-05-27-11-03-52[1] Screenshot_2015-05-27-11-05-14[1]

You will also see there in the main screen what your highest score is and how many games you have played throughout. This game got you good and you fell in those annoying pits? No need to worry for you can keep on retrying!

You can check the your Achievements and Ranking as well. Just make sure that you’re Google Account is connected.

This game is available for both Android and iOS so what else are you waiting for? We absolutely have no issues with you getting hooked in the game so download this addicting game now!



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