Follow The Line

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Follow The Line is a simple game, but one that will put your patience to the test. All you have to do is keep your finger on the screen and, as the title suggests, follow the line. Move your finger back and forth, form side to side, Just don’t touch the edges.


Don’t be too quick on your fingers or you might not see something blocking your way. Beat your personal best or challenge your friends to beat it, move from segment to segment by completing the required distance to see more challenges along the way. Keep in mind, that when you move up a segment it will also go faster.
This game really tested my control and patience, but the more frustrated I get, the longer I play. It’s certainly one that could take hours of your day away. After all that frustration, being able to get a new high score really gave me happiness as if I’ve won an Olympic gold medal.

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How far can you go? Download Follow The Line now!

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