Super 7


Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, those words don’t sound too fun does it? But with Super 7, it definitely is!

Connect the numbers to be able to form as many 7s as you can. You can connect more than 2 numbers at a time to get a higher score, but the more numbers you connect, the bigger they will be and harder to control.

How toSeven

You also have to keep an eye on where they are going or they might end up joining with other numbers on the way, and if you think you need more space then play an XL Game. In XL Game, the size of the numbers will be smaller so there is more space for you to move numbers around but be careful, with all that extra space, you might not see everything happening. Get combos by getting more than one 7 at a time, more combos means more score.


Make sure not to let any numbers join up to get more than 7, or it will be game over.
Game Over
Try to get it as big as it can be to maximize the score. But something so big could also be big trouble. It gives me a heart attack every time a number goes near it. Try your skills on control, you might be better at it than me.

Math has never been this fun. Try it out now!


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