Benji Bananas

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Help a monkey collect bananas in the jungle. Hold and release screen just in time for him to grab a vine. Jump from vine to vine and remember, there are different kinds of lurkers in the jungle that you have to avoid.

This fun and easy game will get you hooked as you play and go deeper into the jungle. Run through various landscapes such as temple ruins, waterfalls, and jungles. You’d want to collect more bananas as they can be of use for upgrades, specials, and power ups. Unlock super powers like jetpack and chili speed. You’ll surely need those because the deeper you got into jungle, the harder it becomes to hold onto vines.

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Plug in your earphones to feel the jungle vibes too. The sounds and visulas will surely get you entertained! You can also get Benji get dressed! Don’t let him become just a monkey, make him become a ninja monkey! Cloth him ninja costumes and gas masks!

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Go on in an adventure with Benji and let’s see how far you can get!

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