Tadpole Tap

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Tadpole Tap is a simple game of literally tapping away while feeding the hungry tadpole.


The main concept of the game is to gain the farthest distance by connecting from flower to flower on your way up well of course, by using Tad’s tongue. Not only does Tad need to gain the farthest distance but Tad needs to eat too! Tap on the flies in order to trap and eat them! Just make sure that those pesky flies are within your reach.

Screenshot_2015-05-29-11-04-16 Screenshot_2015-05-29-11-04-33

Avoid the obstacles like the balls of electricity. We wouldn’t want Tad getting electrocuted, would we? If ever you accidentally hit an obstacle, you can revive using 10 flies or watch a video ad that will bring you back to life and continue playing.

Ran out of flies? Buy some from the shop! You can get 50 free flies if you watch a video ad or purchase from Fly Packs if you need more.

Screenshot_2015-05-29-11-00-42 Screenshot_2015-05-29-10-59-55
You can also find in the Shop Powerups like Invincibility, Double Flies, Magnet, Vegeration Spread and Beetle Spread that will help Tad in his quest to get to the farthest distance ever.


DNA, which you will use in choosing Skins can also be found in the Shop as well as Skins where you can choose a different tadpole.


Under Settings, you can find different options to tweak your gaming experience. You can sign in your Google Account here too to keep track of your Achievements and the Leaderboards.

Screenshot_2015-05-29-11-05-13  Screenshot_2015-05-29-11-04-07
Tad is hungry for flies and for adventure but Tad will be needing YOUR help.

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