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Think is a fun trivia game to play. It uses different logos and sets of pictures under different categories like Movies, Phrases and other interesting topics. All you have to do is tap the box and type in your answer. Not sure about your answer? You can get hints to guide you! You can also Ask your Friends for help. You can choose from many social media networks to ask for their help.


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Start your “thinking” journey by clicking “Let’s begin”. After clicking it, you will be given a category. Sometimes there are additional instructions that will help you and challenge you with the next trivias.Screenshot_2015-05-28-10-55-13

Never be late with Think’s latest news and updates! Just click the newspaper icon at the the bottom.

See that Gift box at the bottom right? That’s for claiming rewards! Claim 50 coins per day up to 500 credits when you didn’t log in for a long time.



The cart icon at the top of the screen symbolizes the Store where you can buy pack of 3 hints, Premium for no ads with 10 hints included, Free hints (where you have to do some things first like logging in the game using Facebook before you can get 1 hint).


You can also Earn and redeem credits where you can get free credits (same concept as Free hints). Credits are the micro currency of the game. You can earn credits by simply playing the game regularly, answering questions, completing chapters, watching video ads and many other things. Use your credits to buy hints as well. Ran out of credits? Purchase a pack at the store!

Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-01-12 Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-01-27
Get those brian juice flowing with this challenging game!


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