Can Knockdown

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Ever played that one carnival game where you try to knock out the cans? Now it’s on your mobile phones! This app might not give you any stuffed toys if you win, but what remains is all the fun and more.

Can Knockdown is round after round of different can formation to knock down. Some rounds even have special cans, cans that would explode when you hit it or cans that will give you an extra ball. Try to knock down all the cans with one ball to give you combo bonus for the next round. How long can you keep that combo going?

Main 1st

Explode Extra Ball
This game takes my breath away every time there’s that one can that’s just slowly rolling on the ledge, refusing to fall. Hating everything and everyone in the whole world when it doesn’t, but then loving it again in that victorious moment when it does. This game gives me feelings I thought no game could give.

Final Ball combo
Download now and start mastering the art of knocking down cans.

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