Cooking Fever

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Have never cooked some decent food in real life? Play this game to cook delicious meals from all over the world. From burgers to pizzas to seafood, you get to serve them all to different kinds of people. This fun game lets you be the restaurant-owner you always wanted to be. But take note of those short-tempered customers and remember the old saying: Customers are always right.

This game doesn’t include real skills in cooking, but you got to have real time management skills. The real challenge is serving everyone what they ordered while they’re still happy to have them. And of course, a business gotta earn and reach a goal earnings everyday. There are more than 300 levels to complete but you’ll never get bored because I assure you that things get more interesting as you go further. And all the better if you can open more restaurants to serve different sets of cuisines!


Cooking Fever is a game made for adults… ALSO. If the game graphics gave you an idea that the game was solely made for kids, then you’re wrong. Because the fun and the challenge this game has in store for you will surely get you hooked to it, totally disregarding how old you are. If Diner Dash has been a real hit for the past few years, this game will surely do for the next to come.

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Go on and play this game. Let’s see how good you are with cooking fever.

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