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One-chance game before your game is over is what interests and challenges mobile gamers nowadays. We got games in the past that have made some trends in the social media. Flappy bird is quite a good example of it. Well, those games better watch out as this game with the same one-chance-gaming concept is here!


Circle is a game where you will tap the screen to make that circle thing you have to jump across the zigzag and different-shaped lines. The real challenge is to not make the circle touch even a tiny bit of the line. Sounds easy? You better try it before saying so!

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This game is the kind of game that is very frustrating in a good way. You will keep on touching the line and the next thing you know, you’re repeating the whole game over and over again.


Circle has this game-addicting feature that will get you hooked to the game. The very easy concept of this game makes the whole thing very fun to play.

Play this game now and let’s see how far you can make the circle jump!

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