Nom Cat

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Help still Nom Cat’s hunger! Tap and hold to open the mouths of both cats to feed them with endless waves of fish. The more fish you eat, the higher your score. Beat your friends on Google Play Games or brag about your score on social network. But, watch out! You have to stay focused to avoid the flying bombs. You don’t want the cute cats to explode, do you? Unlock some of the cutest cat characters by collecting as many goldfish as you can!

This game has different cool features like a really nice and great retro music and visuals! You also get to experience endless arcade gameplay in this game, no maximum score at all, you can play as much as you want, as long as you were able to make your cats stay alive!
IMG_8192 IMG_8194
Play Nom Slots to collect more goldfish. Play as one of internet’s most famous cats like “Cooper The Photographer Cat”, “Venus Two Faced Cat & Roo”, “Oskar & Klaus” and many more!

Future updates will bring you more Nom Cat characters. But for now, play this game and let’s see how long your cats will get before a bomb explodes them!

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