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Have you had a platypus as a pet? No? How about having MANY platypus as pets and then mutating them? Feel like a scientist too, eh?

The main idea of this game is to keep on evolving platypus by putting two platypus together and then they will mutate. You have to mutate the same platypus together where you can also discover new platypus!

Screenshot_2015-06-05-11-14-25[1] Screenshot_2015-06-05-11-20-04[1] Screenshot_2015-06-05-11-23-15[1] Screenshot_2015-06-05-11-20-59[1]

The crate contains a platypus and you can set on how many crates you want to appear per 5 seconds. The more, the merrier!

Screenshot_2015-06-05-11-14-03[1] Screenshot_2015-06-05-11-14-07[1]
Gold coins per second vary too and you will have to upgrade in order to get more coins. If you think you’re running out of coins, don’t worry because these platypus poop coins! Awesome right?

You can fill the fusion bar to receive Coin bonus by mutating platypus.

Click crate icon to open Shop where you can buy upgrades to help with your platypus mutation, diamonds.


Click the notebook located at the upper right corner of the screen where you can access the Platypedia (where the index of platypus are written), Stats, Achievements, and Options!

asdsa Screenshot_2015-06-05-11-29-15[1]

The fun doesn’t stop there because this game also contains funny platypus-related jokes at the bottom of the screen. And did we say it can also be played offline? No? It can be played offline!

Get those fingers ready and tap those crates and mutate some platypus!

Screenshot_2015-06-05-11-25-27[1] Screenshot_2015-06-05-11-14-13[1]

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