Plumber 2

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Plumber 2 is a challenging game that will require thinking but will give so much fun to the player. You will have to connect the pipes to make the water flow and save those trapped creatures so that they can pass through the pipes.

What you’ll probably like most in Plumber 2 is the great number of levels which never get redundant. Some levels you’ll have to use all the pipes on the screen, even the immovable ones, while other stages may have pieces that act as red herrings. While the main timer is just to reward you with stars if you finish fast enough, you can’t just start playing around in most levels. If you’re not careful, the layout can be ready to set off a bomb you didn’t notice, and all it took was you putting the right piece in the right place… at the wrong time. If you ever get stuck on this or the solution in general there is a large hint button that will show you the right solution… it takes a coin to use, so it’s a good thing you gain one for every level you complete. Using the hint function naturally makes the game too easy, so you’ll get more out of the game if you try to figure things out on your own. So get your monkey wrenches ready, there is thirsty monsters to be helped.


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