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Feel like a real sushi master by playing SushiChop! You can choose between playing SushiChop or SushiMaster.


In SushiChop, you have to fill each tray to move on to the next one to finish the wave of sushi trays. After each wave, you will be given a challenge. Finish the requirements for the challenge to get a star!

Rotten Perfect Chop1
For SushiMaster, you have to fill the tray with the type of Sushi it needs to complete it. Complete at many trays as you can before your lives run out.


Fill a try with one type of fish to get a perfect chop and keep the perfect chops coming to get combos and more points but remember to avoid the rotten fish or it will ruin your tray. Collect coins to buy from the store or get a new type of chopper.

Perfect Chop
This game got me craving for some delicious sushi, but I just could not put my phone down. Check it out now!

SushiMaster Chopper Store Coins

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