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Have you always wanted to have a pet of your own? Something you can play with and take care of? No more worries because Pou is one of the best pet anybody can have.

Pou is your pet alien who loves to eat and play! You have to take care of Pou and keep the stats on all time high.
Navigate through the game by touching the items and dragging it wherever it needs to be placed.

Screenshot_2015-06-04-11-13-32[1] Screenshot_2015-06-04-11-19-16[1]

Use gold coins to purchase items for Pou like Balls, Wallpapers, Pou’s color, Food, Potions, Showers, Soaps, Bedroom, Outside and Merchandise. You can get free Gold coins by Watching a short video for 20 coins, Liking on Facebook for 500 coins and Following on Twitter for 500 as well. You can also purchase Gold coin for different rates.


There are different choices for taking care of your Pou. You can go to the 1) Kitchen with Fridge for food. 2) Bathroom with Shower where you clean Pou with soap and water. After using soap, wash Pou with water using the shower head. Tap on the poop laying around to make the surroundings clean. Lab with Shelf for the different potions you have. 3) Game room with different games you and Pou can play together. You can also throw the ball which can be found in the bottom center of the Game Room interface to give instant happiness to Pou. 4) Bedroom with closet for different upgrades and enhancement on Pou’s appearance. And 5) Hall with Outside feature to let Pou out in the Garden, Playground, Garage, Pet or go back inside the House. And Hall also features a Microphone

Screenshot_2015-06-04-11-27-50[1] Screenshot_2015-06-04-11-27-43[1]
Keep track of Pou’s status regarding Pou’s Food, Health, Fun and Energy by looking at the stats above the screen or clicking it for the exact percentage.

Unlock Achievements and receive gold coins for it.

Screenshot_2015-06-04-11-19-21[1] Screenshot_2015-06-04-11-13-36[1]
Choose your own Nickname for your Pou pet! Be creative! You will need to sign in using an e-mail address and a password. This way, your account and Pou will be safe!

You can take a picture of your pet and save it and/or share it on different social media sites.

You can easily access your Level,your pet’s size, Achievements, Friends, Photos, Settings, Account or to instantly Go Outside or Go Home.

And last but definitely not the least, Pou is can be played offline! Take care of your pet anywhere and any time!

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