True Color

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Know the name of all the basic colors? Yes? But what if you are to name the true identities of the colors under time pressure?


True Color is a game of simple naming/describing and acting fast.

There are 4 Game modes in True Color and they are as follows: Classic where you will answer a True of False question whether the color that appears in the screen is same as that of the name given, Chrono where you will be given a time limit with sets of colors to check whether the name that corresponds with the color is correct, Find the true color where you will be given a color and a name but you will have to figure out the right one by the color choices below, and Tap the true color where you will be given 4 color challenges and you will choose which circle has the right color AND color name under a time limit.



You can activate and deactivate Colorblind mode for those players who are sensitive when it comes to colors

It also comes in Single or Multiplayer mode.

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English not your local language? You can choose up to 9 languages!

Not liking the ads sometimes? You can remove the ads by clicking the Star icon on the bottom left.

Log in using Gmail account to save your progress and to see your Achievements and Ranking!

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Are you ready for to feast your eyes in this colorful game? Yes? Then don’t hesitate to play it now!


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