Snake King


You can now play one of the most classic mobile games on your smartphones! Before almost any app you can think of today, there was Snake. I remember spending hours of my childhood playing this game. While the smartphone version is different from the original game, the fun is still very much there.



The same rules still apply, avoid all obstacles in your snake’s way, including itself. There are 3 game modes to choose from; Classic, Arcade and Multiplayer. In Classic Mode, you can choose from Easy, Hard or Master. The more difficult type you choose to play, the faster your snake will be. It will also be longer for each block you get. However, to unlock Master, you will have to clear stage 30 in Arcade mode first.

Unlock MasterStages

In Arcade mode, you will go through several stages and each stage will be more difficult than the previous one. As you go along in Arcade mode, you will encounter Boss stages too wherein you will have to fight and defeat a boss. Each block you get will give you fire power to attack the boss but be careful, the boss can attack you back.

Arcade Boss

Lastly, Multiplayer mode will put you against other players online. See which of you can have a longer snake.

Multiplayer2 Multiplayer-WIn

There are 4 control settings available, 2 of them are basic arrow keys with up, down left and right buttons with different positioning of the arrows. Another control setting, is clockwise and counter-clockwise buttons to tell your snake wich way to go. The Last one is the touch control. swipe up, down, left or right to control your snake.


Check this 90’s hit game and check out this game now!

Multiplayer Boss-How

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