SpeedX 3D

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Are you in for an exhilarating ride right on the palm of your hands? If yes, then SpeedX 3D is the game for you!


SpeedX 3D’s objective is yo survive the maze for as long as possible. You must avoid the obstacles ahead of you or you die and start again! You can collect bonuses during the run and each race has is own unique features. This game has 3 game modes: Single, Multiplayer and Survival. With Single mode, you will have to pass through different stages and beat the certain stage before you move on to the next 3 stages.

Multiplayer mode allows you to have the choice of making New Challenge where you can choose your difficulty and set the difficulty so other opponents can try and beat your high score, Finding New ones which gives you list of contenders whom you can challenge. Challenge History gives you the the list of the different challenges that you have done/accomplished. Winning challenges will earn you points. Increase the difficulty level for higher reward: Casual – 1 point, Easy – 2 points, Standard – 3 points, Extreme – 4 points and Pure – 5 points. Also, winning your own challenge will double the final score.


Achievements give you lots of XP so make sure to check it out and shoot to achieve them! There are 11 so keep on playing to unlock them!


With SpeedX3D, you can make upgrades for Flow Control, Fractal shields, Shields modulator, Shield Recharger Tachyon Torpedo, Phase Shift and Tachyon Boost. You upgrade using Cr (credits)


Get credits by clicking the “Get Credits” button. Watch videos or download games to get free Cr (credits). You can purchase credits too.(With extra! Yay!)
When you first log in using your G+ account, you will receive 15 Cr (credits) which you can use in purchasing upgrades.

Another great thing about SpeedX 3D is that it can be played offline. Although it needs internet for Multiplayer mode.
Are you up for the SpeedX 3D run? Download the game now and see for yourself!

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