Subway Surfers


Do you have your inner Dauntless? Are you up for some fun and mischief? Join Jake and his friends as the Subway Surfers. It is an endless running mobile application game created by Kiloo and Sybo.

The game sets in the subway where Jake is trying to escape the subway trains from the hands of the strict train inspector. During the game he will be faced into different obstacles from easy to difficult, that would hinder him in escaping.

Each time you move further, the obstacles get harder. You also meet different characters when you achieve another goal.

Screenshot_2015-08-18-11-43-01 Screenshot_2015-08-18-11-42-52

The game is filled with colorful and vivid graphics, enjoyable sound effects, and fun background music that gets you in the mood to do an endless running.

Screenshot_2015-08-18-11-42-14 Screenshot_2015-08-18-11-45-12

The goal of this game is by simply creating a high record, and setting a new record each time you play. The train tracks are also loaded with coins, power-ups and different cool items that you can obtain, and help you in the game. The game play is also easy as it only involves swiping.

Screenshot_2015-08-18-11-45-41 Screenshot_2015-08-18-11-42-32

So swipe away and join the fun! Check the game now! Available in Google PlayStore and Apple store for you Android and Apple devices.

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