Country Life: Harvest Day

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Unleash the country boy/girl in you and check out this 3D graphic remake of the famous 90’s game, Harvest Moon!


Play as Derek, the boy who needs to run his farm business to prove himself to everyone and show he is worthy of his love, Tida.



Explore the village and unlock more scenes! Plant and sell crops or accept orders from the town’s villagers to increase Derek’s fame and income. There are lots of activities in this awesome farm simulation role-playing game. From farming and taking care of livestock, to mining and fishing, to meeting the villagers and granting orders and so much more!

Screenshot_2015-08-18-10-43-33 Screenshot_2015-08-18-10-47-05 Screenshot_2015-08-18-10-45-08 Screenshot_2015-08-18-10-49-14
Gain fame and save money in the bank until Tida comes back. There is forever, Derek will prove that to you.

Screenshot_2015-08-18-10-48-40Screenshot_2015-08-18-10-48-26 Screenshot_2015-08-18-10-47-55

So what are you waiting for? Check out the game and download it on Google Playstore.


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