Air Hockey Ultimate


Looking for some fun and entertainment? Air Hockey Ultimate is the perfect game for you! Whether you are just killing time or simply de-stressing, this game will surely keep you on the edge of your seat!

You can opt to play with a CPU or play with your friend to double the fun.


There are loads of table themes to choose from: from classic, to denim, to valentine, to racing and so much more!!!

Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-12-39[1] Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-10-08[1] Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-16-31[1] Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-17-13[1]

The concept of the game is like that of the actual Air Hockey sport. Each player will have their own mallet to hit the air hockey puck. Points are received when the puck enters inside a player’s goal, the opponent receives one point each goal. The one with the most number of goals received loses the game.

Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-30-42[1] Screenshot_2015-08-13-14-09-02[1]

Simple, easy and exciting. Check out the game on Google PlayStore and let us know about your experience!!!

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