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Do you have your inner architect inside of you? Fond of building games, reaching new goals, and competing among friends? Then Tower with Friends is just the right app for you.


Tower With Friends is a mobile arcade game made by MetaFun Games. The game is filled with enthusiastic colors, lively graphics, and visually appealing images. It also has a really fun and soothing music as a background, while you are playing the game.

Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-32-43 Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-31-50Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-33-02 Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-32-13
The goal of this game is simply making the highest Skyscraper by adding blocks and balancing the tower. Each time you set new records, you are given coins to upgrade your power ups, and help you move on as you play the game. The gameplay is really simple yet very addicting. All you have to do is to tap away to your highest Skyscraper and beat your friends.

Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-32-32 Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-31-38 Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-31-50 Screenshot_2015-08-13-18-33-12

Check the game now! Available in Google PlayStore in your Android device.

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