Hardest Game Ever 2

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Hearing the game’s name would probably give you an impression that this is not an easy and casual game. But when you try to play it, you would realize how fun and easy to understand this game!

Hardest Game Ever 2 is a game consisting of 24 mini game series of simplistic challenges that are either mindlessly easy or frustratingly difficult. But the game’s 24 levels are not easily achievable! New stages will only be unlocked if you achieved a specific grade in the game.


In Hardest Game Ever, you couldn’t settle for merely passing, there are varying degrees of success which are rated according to a letter-grade system.

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Sounds hard? You have to try the game and see if you can take the challenge! On the 24 levels you would encounter in the game, you would be faced with different challenges that involve fast and accurate hand or mind skills. Mainly, challenges center around the timed-tapping of various on-screen buttons, depending on the challenge being presented to you. Some of the challenges are: balancing the head of a drowsing child, solving quick observational games, determining which wins in rock-papers-scissors, and many more!

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If you find a game level too difficult, you could use cheats which would allow you to advance to the next level. The game also has finite retries which will just make you want to repeat the level until you achieve your best score.

Screenshot_2015-08-26-15-24-28 Screenshot_2015-08-26-14-29-26

This easy but difficult game is a best example of a game where you could apply the saying “Practice makes Perfect”. Try it and let’s see if you’re up for the challenge!

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