Ball Jump


Try to stay on the cubes! Test your reflexes and join the fun!
Test how good your skills are in terms of reflexes in Ball Jump. It is a mobile application game created by Ketchapp.


Screenshot_2015-08-27-13-21-21 Screenshot_2015-08-27-13-21-42

The game is filled with simple graphics, that will bring you into the world of jumping balls and changing cubes.

Screenshot_2015-08-27-13-24-09 Screenshot_2015-08-27-13-22-47

The goal of this game is very simple; to stay on the cubes as it changes while trying not to fall, at the same time setting a new record each time you play. The path built while you’re moving further and features an exciting combination of cubes that changes its difficulty from easy, to hard t in just a slight second.

Screenshot_2015-08-27-13-23-18 Screenshot_2015-08-27-13-22-03

How far can you get? Test your reflexes now and tap your way into the highest record!
Check their game now! Available in Google PlayStore and Apple store for you Android and Apple devices.

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