The laws of physics is your most powerful weapon in this brand new game!

Even the mention of physics may just make you cringe but not in this game. You will have to get the payload from point A and point B, use ramps, catapults or whatever you may need. Watch the objects fall, roll, push or stop each other.

Screenshot_2015-09-02-14-26-10 Screenshot_2015-09-02-14-24-38 Screenshot_2015-09-02-14-23-35 Screenshot_2015-09-02-14-21-04
This game has very simple graphics, but just right for the type of game that it is. It will definitely make a person think of how to solve the puzzle at hand, and more exciting, how to do it with the least number of moves. Each stage has what’s called “Par” which is the least number of moves you can make to solve the problem.

Screenshot_2015-09-02-14-23-23 Screenshot_2015-09-02-14-22-05 Screenshot_2015-09-02-14-20-55 Screenshot_2015-09-02-14-20-45

Can you solve all the problems with a par? Find out now with TransPlan!

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