The classic Pacman game is reinvented in a game application for mobiles and tablets. We have all tried and loved Pacman and there is no denying that most of the kids before (especially the 90s kids) have been into playing this game for repeat.

Pac-Man 256 – Endless Maze is what its title suggests. It is endless, unless of course, you get eaten by one of the ghosts.

The rules of this game are very similar to the classic Pacman game we know, except this one comes with an upgrade. Here, you can outsmart ghosts with over 15 ridiculuous powerups like Laser, Tornado, Giant, and much more.

Screenshot_2015-09-02-12-39-04 Screenshot_2015-09-02-12-38-46


It is fun and defines a good arcade game well. The only problem is, in this game, you have limited credits which will prohibit you from playing the game as much as you want to repeat it. Although there are a lot of opportunities on how to gain credits, you can’t still play the game with powerups if you choose to do it without credits. But if you want to have UNLIMITED credits, it would be possible if you paid a one-time in-game fee which guarantees lifetime of unlimited credits.

Screenshot_2015-09-02-12-38-33 Screenshot_2015-09-02-12-38-19
Generally, the game is great. The developers did a good job in creating this game.

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