Spill Zone


Need to challenge your brain? Play this unique puzzle game called Spill Zone by TMSoft!

Be a scientist and come up with the best solution to spill one chemical into another successfully until one solid color remains! Play with lively colors and cool graphics.


Keep spilling until everything is the same color but be careful not to use too many moves to avoid losing a life. Plan each move carefully and prepare to exercise your analytical skills in this challenging puzzle game!

Screenshot_2015-09-03-10-40-41 Screenshot_2015-09-03-10-40-46 Screenshot_2015-09-03-10-42-10 Screenshot_2015-09-03-10-39-35

It is fun and addicting. But what makes it more special is that you can also play with a friend online and take turns in spilling the chemicals!

Screenshot_2015-09-03-10-42-17 Screenshot_2015-09-03-10-35-32 Screenshot_2015-09-03-10-40-10 Screenshot_2015-09-03-10-40-16 Screenshot_2015-09-03-10-36-13 Screenshot_2015-09-03-10-37-01

“Experiment. Fail. Repeat”

Download the game from Google Playstore and play as the mad scientist.

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