Flappy Doge


Are you fond of memes and internet pop culture?

If you are, then this game is definitely for you.

From the internet to a game, rSoft brings you Flappy Doge! Flappy Doge is a one-tap mobile application game in which you navigate “Doge” past into a row of obstacles.


The obstacles in the game get harder whenever you beat your high score. Aside from that, you can share your victory to your friends on Facebook!

Screenshot_2015-09-03-15-11-22 Screenshot_2015-09-03-15-09-46 Screenshot_2015-09-03-15-10-10Screenshot_2015-09-03-15-09-00

The game is very fun to play with, it is simple as it only requires the players for a one tap movement. It offers you an addictive game that gives humour, and you get to play as an adorable and cute Shiba Inu doge, or widely known as Doge in the realms of the internet. The game also offers “Excellent physics and high collision precision.” Much fun. Very wowe.

Screenshot_2015-09-03-15-08-30 Screenshot_2015-09-03-15-11-45 Screenshot_2015-09-03-15-11-38 Screenshot_2015-09-03-15-08-48

Download the game now, and beat highscores to achieve the dark medal!

Available in Google PlayStore for your Android devices.

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